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Postpartum Doula Services
How Can Our Postpartum Doulas Support You?

A postpartum doula is a companion who supports new mothers immediately after delivery. Your doula will check in with you periodically for one month after you deliver your baby.

Physical Support

Our postpartum doulas are trained to provide you with breastfeeding guidance and to assist you with household or other tasks specific to your individual needs.

Emotional Support

Transitioning into new parenthood can be a difficult experience. Our postpartum doulas are trained to ease mothers and their support system into the role of providing childcare.

Partner And Sibling Support

A new baby means significant change for parents, grandparents, and siblings. A postpartum doula’s role is to understand this change and help everyone in the family adjust and settle in.

Evidence Based Support

BBDVS doulas, trained by DONA International, are equipped with the knowledge to help families connect with evidence-based resources. This ensures that mothers and their support system can ask great questions and make informed decisions about the birth process. Additionally, our doulas serve as a bridge of communication between mothers and their providers.

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