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Our Model Of Care
Intake Process

When you are first referred to BBDVS, our program coordinators will assemble a team of three doulas for your care. These doulas will meet with you and develop a birth plan to support you during your pregnancy.

Support During Pregnancy

Our doulas will teach you comfort and relaxation techniques that you might be interested in using during labor. Additionally, our doulas will provide you with information to help you feel prepared for your birth process.

Support During Delivery

One member of your doula team will be present during your entire delivery to offer physical and emotional support. As our doulas strive to provide continuous care, members of your doula team will collaborate to cover your entire birth process from start to finish.

Postpartum Support

Our doulas will continue to provide support during your immediate postpartum period. While a final visit will be scheduled within two weeks of your delivery, you will be able to arrange a meeting with our doulas up to one month postpartum.

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