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Birth Doula Services
How Can Our Birth Doulas Support You?

When you are first referred to BBDVS, our program coordinators will assemble a team of three doulas for your care. These doulas will meet with you and develop a birth plan to support you during your pregnancy.

Physical Support

A doula’s skilled hands and positioning tools can help laboring mothers with dilation. In addition to this service, our doulas also provide breastfeeding guidance after delivery.

Emotional Support

Doulas help families feel supported, easing the emotional experience of birth, and help create a safe environment to create beautiful memories.

Partner Support

Whether you are a romantic partner, another family member, or a friend, we believe your experience matters in this journey too! Your doulas are there to support every birth partner who is involved in this joyous beginning!

Evidence Based Support

BBDVS doulas, trained by DONA International, are equipped with the knowledge to help families connect with evidence-based resources. This ensures that mothers and their support system can ask great questions and make informed decisions about the birth process. Additionally, our doulas serve as a bridge of communication between mothers and their providers.

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